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BI Solutions

Are you overwhelmed by business data coming in from hundreds of different tools and sources? Combining and integrating data for analytics with existing systems and applications is time-consuming. 

Our certified consultants work with you to deploy and develop Data and BI Solutions, allowing you to analyze a broad range of live and historical data through interactive reports, easy-to-use dashboards, and compelling data visualizations.

Get in touch with one of the leading IT consultants located in Austin, TX, and Redmond, WA, TrishoolTech, to bring business-critical data to life!

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We are working to build something lasting and meaningful. There are many ways to reach a goal and maximize your revenue. We design our solutions keeping you in mind.


We thrive at empowering you to become data-driven and excel in collecting accurate datasets to ignite insightful analysis. Our solutions will give you confidence in your insights about your product, services, and measurement plan. We are your partner in the Data Analytics journey.

Go Team

Our Director, Lee, has helped various companies to realize their data backed analytical vision and continues to do so. Our team's experience range from BI Full Stack and Web Development to End-to-End Project planning and delivery.


We are a team of highly skilled and certified BI professionals. Our team's customer-first ideology with technical expertise helps you achieve higher revenue. 

Market Analysis

Every company is unique. To celebrate this uniqueness, we provide solutions that cater to you. Our cloud-first strategy enables and empowers you. We leverage Azure and Power BI to help you to make data-driven decisions.

We architect our solutions to enable end-user without compromising security and governance. Our solutions are specific to your needs, ranging from complete assessment, deployment to just a one-off solution.